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Wire Mesh Fencing

Wire Mesh Fencing in Helderberg, Gordons Bay, Somerset West, Strand, Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Overberg

Get wire mesh fencing in Gordons Bay, Somerset West, Strand, Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Helderberg and Overberg from Boundary Secure Fencing (BSF).

BSF offers a full range of wire mesh fencing in various heights and forms. Diamond mesh and welded mesh, PVC or galvanized.

Our other services include Security Fencing, Palisade Fencing, Bar Steel Fencing, Timber Fencing, Electric Fencing, Stock and Game Fencing, Gates and Automation.

More About Wire Mesh Fencing

Wire mesh fencing is a basic type of fencing that can either be made from galvanized or stainless steel. Wire mesh fences are seen as more durable than other chain-link fences and has a variety of residential and industrial uses.

Diamond Wire Mesh Fencing

Diamond Wire Mesh Fencing
Diamond Wire Mesh Fence

Diamond wire mesh fencing is most commonly used as a boundary fence for domestic and commercial application. It is best suited for projects that require a low level of security, but needs fencing that is quick to install as well as cost effective. Diamond wire mesh fencing is a relatively inexpensive method of fencing that offers strength, durability and flexibility. It’s constructed out of linear wires that linked together in a zig-zag pattern to form a series of diamond-shaped holes. Diamond wire mesh fencing is an economical hard wearing solution for general fencing.

The uses of diamond wire mesh fencing vary from confining sport fields and tennis courts to containing industrial work areas and construction zones. You will also find it around swimming pools, parking lots, schools, airports, highways and residential homes.  It is commonly used to keep individuals away from dangerous areas or for safety and privacy. It is sometimes used to cover windows to protect it from damage and prevent trespassing without sacrificing visibility. Diamond wire mesh fencing is also often used  for animal enclosures as the flexibility of the diamond mesh help to prevent animals from hurting themselves. The benefits of using diamond wire mesh fencing are many. It is very strong and durable, yet it is flexible and does not easily sag or roll.

Welded Wire Mesh Fencing

A welded wire mesh fence consists of wire strands electrically welded together to form a high strength mesh. This type of fencing is most commonly used as high security barriers where visibility is required. It is also widely used for animal enclosures. Welded wire mesh fencing is a popular choice for securing boundaries because it is cost effective, strong and durable. It is also quick to install with either metal or wooden posts.

Welded wire mesh fencing is one of the most impenetrable and heavy-duty fencing options  available in the market. Different thicknesses and heights can be installed according to your needs. It is made up of either stainless steel wire or low carbon steel wire.

Welded wire mesh fences have many uses ranging from securing livestock to securing property from intruders. Commercially, it is most commonly used in the industrial, transportation, and agricultural, sectors. It is also used to protect equipment or machines, for gardening, and in mines.

The following are some advantages of using welded wire mesh fences:

  • Offers unmovable stability
  • Offers complex construction
  • Can maintain impacts of great force
  • It is made of weather resistant materials